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Are You Ready for Business Credit Cards with No PG

All right, Brian Howard here at BKH Consult and bkhconsult.com, and in this video, I’m going to talk about business credit cards with no PG, but it’s probably not what you thought when you read the title, so you might want to bear with me. This is going to be somewhat of a rant, I guess, you know, I don’t like to use the word rant, that’s such a negative connotation. Let’s call it more of a reality, right, this is going to be more of a reality video, more than anything about building business credit, or getting business credit cards, rather I should say with no PG. The fact of the matter is a lot of business owners or a lot of inspiring business owners, I should say, meaning people that have not set up their company are not officially in business. They’re just thinking about going in business, and they’re already thinking about business credit, or they have an LLC on paper and they had it for two or three years, but they’ve never really done anything with it, you know, everyone wants to get business credit cards with no PG, right?

Everyone wants something, but they don’t want to put what’s necessary to get it. And so I just begged the question, if it’s your business and you believe in your business, why wouldn’t you do a PG? I just want you to think about that. You don’t want to do a PG, but you want the banks to give you money with no PG when you haven’t even demonstrated that you believe in what it is that you know you have to go on with your business. Now I’m by no means saying that you can’t get business credit cards with no PG, because it’s possible. I mean, I have about six or seven of them, myself, got another one coming, where they say in three to five business days, I have another card with no PG that’ll be showing up. So it’s possible, even nowhere in 2018, you know, don’t trust me, don’t believe the hype, you know, you hear people that do business credit cards with no PG exists. Yes. If you can qualify and see that’s the key to all of this, can you qualify? Most of you don’t have qualified busineses. You don’t have your business set up properly, you don’t have a strong business credit profile with Dun and Bradstreet, you don’t have a strong business credit profile with Experian, you don’t have anything reporting with Business Equifax, your business is not shown to have any type of cash flow, you know. You don’t even know the profits and loss of your business, but you want to jump to business credit cards, you want a bank to give you a $20,000 business credit card with no PG, and you can’t even show them that you can pay it back. And so my point is business credit is not for everybody, and you know, I have said this in one of my videos in the past, and what I mean by that is every business can be a business credit, but too many of you don’t have a CFO mentality.

What you want to do is get a business bank account, an LLC, a tax ID number, and you want to get a card with some money that you can charge up and not pay it back, that’s not what we teach over here at BKH Consult. I want to be clear if that’s your mindset, that’s not what we teach. If your mindset is, you know what, I’m going to get an LLC and a tax ID number, so I can get a bunch of money and credit that I don’t have to pay back, that’s not what we do on over here, you know. The information, the strategies that I teach are very powerful and they’re here to help grow businesses. That’s why you go back and look around I been here for a while. This is my fifth year in business, as you see, I’m still here, kicking strong, doing the same thing, and we still BKH Consult. We still helping businesses build business credit, we still out there repairing consumer’s personal credit. I’m still coaching entrepreneurs and small business owners on how to, how to set their business up, and a lot of it is possible because you know, we’ve mastered business credit, we now have cash flow, right, we have credit and we have cash flow.

Every successful business is going to have credit and cash flow. Now, don’t get me wrong, you may have to use some of your money, in the beginning, you may have to use rather some of your money in the beginning and that’s fine, but you got to adapt the CFO mentality. How can I position the business from a financial standpoint, from a credit and finance standpoint? You know. So that includes revenue, like how is this business going to make money? You know. This business that I’m looking to build, how am I going to make money? You know. How much money do I need to spend this month to make X amount of dollars by the end of the month? These are all things that you guys have not even considered, but you want business credit and you want $20,000 and $30,000 credit cards with no PGbut you don’t even have a financial plan written out for your business. Now, am I telling you that you need a business plan to get business credit? That’s not what I’m saying, but what you do need is a solid strategy to follow, a solid set of guidelines, and coaching to follow to build your business credit profile.

There’s only so much that you can do from YouTube, and from Facebook and different things like that. You know, I give out a lot of information, probably more information than I should, but it’s okay because, at the end of the day, I am here to help people, but I also run a business. And so that 10%, right, that 10% that want to take it to the next level, and the reason I say 10% is because 90% of business owners either don’t know what business credit is or they don’t have it. And so when you start getting into this world of business credit i.e. corporate credit, now you in the top 10%, you are part of the elite, you know. And I think a lot of you are infatuated with the idea of having business credit, as opposed to doing what’s required to build a business credit. Does that make sense? I think that if you being honest with yourself, you know, a lot of you and it’s not everyone, but a lot of you would agree.

You know you watch my channel, you’ve been watching my channel, you know, who knows a year, two years, you know, you’re watching all those people channels, you know, you’re in all these different business credit buildings, Facebook groups, but you don’t even have one tradeline.  Wow. You are in information overload, you’re kicking tires, and you’re wasting time, as opposed to making a commitment. You see to have the CFO mentality that requires commitment that requires strategic commitment. You know, that’s one of my favorite terms, like a strategic commitment. That’s a commitment and a work ethic combined with a strategy, a plan, a process. Don’t focus on business credit cards with no PG. Focus on setting up your business credibly, setting up a credible strong business foundation; focus on building your vendor credit; focus on generating cash flow and revenue for your business; focus on marketing and advertising; focus on operations, focus on these things in conjunction with building your initial business credit and watch how everything just falls into place.

Did you all see that? You’ll are here and you’re trying to jump here and you’re skipping all of this and that’s not how it works, alright. So that’s my rant for today, you guys, you need to make a commitment. You don’t have to make a commitment to me because it’s not my business. It doesn’t matter whether you do business with me or not, right. You know, you don’t have to make a commitment to some of the other larger companies out there, you know, it doesn’t matter to them one way or either. I can promise you that, but if you’re serious about your business, then you need to make a strategic commitment, alright. That’s my rant for the day. This is Brian Howard signing out for the BKH Consult.


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